Mycoplasma and viral co-infections

2021 update: This is another password protected post from May of 2020. We were actually forward thinking that maybe Covid-19 could be made worse by mycoplasma coinfections. A PubMed search on Mollicute and Coivd-19 reveals as much. Some day we should look at Cu(I)NA2 as an antibacterial for these cell wall lacking bacteria. Corona Viruses,Continue reading “Mycoplasma and viral co-infections”

Blood Flow in Muscles

KGK Synergize “In addition to the possible analgesic effects facilitated by NMDA receptor inhibition, both copper and nicotinic acid are thought to support mitochondrial function by improving cellular respiration, thus increasing ATP production (1-3). Studies investigating muscle pain in relation to occupational work have demonstrated that sore muscle displays changes in structure indicating mitochondrial disturbancesContinue reading “Blood Flow in Muscles”

Symptom Impact Questionnaire Revised

2021 Update This post was originally published in May of 2020 with password protection. We have since published these results on While these data have not been peer reviewed for mechanisms of action and so forth, they have undergone rigorous examination by for consistency and the general safety measures. We’d like to thankContinue reading “Symptom Impact Questionnaire Revised”