How weight lifting increases mitochondria

Uguccioni G, Hood DA. The importance of PGC-1α in contractile activity-induced mitochondrial adaptations. Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab. 2011 PMC free article Introduction skeletal muscle has the ability to adapt to changes in metabolic demands by production of more proteins. Chronic contractile activity (CCA) is one of those metabolic demands. CCA results in production ofContinue reading “How weight lifting increases mitochondria”

SPECT and brain directed nutrients

This post covers work of Daniel Amen. .. ir just a very small bit of a large amount. Dr Amens has become a celebrity over promoting SPECT imaging, “blood Flow” through various regions of the brain, and of course brain directed nutrients to restore “blood flow” to normal. Purists may associate “flow” with a unitContinue reading “SPECT and brain directed nutrients”