Our NLR results

The importance of copper in the function of neutrophils and lymphocytes as been addressed on another post. This post never actually presented real data. We retrospectively analyzed data from a study performed by KGK Synergize in 2014. KGK analyzed the raw numbers of neutrophils and lymphocytes using an ANOVA model because the data were nonparametric.Continue reading “Our NLR results”

locus ceruleus ventilation

Coivd-19 patients have difficulty breathing.  Is this due to lost of lung capacity, the cytokine storm, or a combination of the two?  The neurons of the locus ceruleus are themselves very sensitive to CO2/pH. [1]  The A6 norepinepthrine releasing neurons of the LC play a role in translating changes in CO2/pH  to changes in respiration.Continue reading “locus ceruleus ventilation”

Reducing Fevers

Fever curves are an interesting source of amusement for those that have the ability to collect the data.  This is especially true for those experiencing periodic fever or chills. Reducing Fevers:  propacetamol (Tylenol) versus  dexibuprofen Paracetamol, acetominophen, propacetamol are inhibitors of cyclooxygenase  (Cox).  Some references suggest it might interact with the endocannabinoid system.    Continue reading “Reducing Fevers”