cuprous iodide particles

This post is not about how Mitosynergy and BDLbiochem learned of this project.  This post is about some of the crazy stuff going on in trying to find better ways to treat Covid-19.  Many of the treatments proposed to be encapsulated in this nanoparticles are already losing favor. Laboratory Investigation of Effectiveness of Microencapsulated BiocontrolContinue reading “cuprous iodide particles”

Blood Flow in Muscles

KGK Synergize “In addition to the possible analgesic effects facilitated by NMDA receptor inhibition, both copper and nicotinic acid are thought to support mitochondrial function by improving cellular respiration, thus increasing ATP production (1-3). Studies investigating muscle pain in relation to occupational work have demonstrated that sore muscle displays changes in structure indicating mitochondrial disturbancesContinue reading “Blood Flow in Muscles”