Reducing Fevers

Fever curves are an interesting source of amusement for those that have the ability to collect the data.  This is especially true for those experiencing periodic fever or chills. Reducing Fevers:  propacetamol (Tylenol) versus  dexibuprofen Paracetamol, acetominophen, propacetamol are inhibitors of cyclooxygenase  (Cox).  Some references suggest it might interact with the endocannabinoid system.    Continue reading “Reducing Fevers”


Ctr1 We are excited to share with the structure of the Cu+ transporter Ctr1 (Ren 2019).   Feifei Ren and coworkers genetically engineered the Ctr1 transporter from the Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar.  This salmon sCtr1 transporter has 78% sequence identity to our human hCtr1.  TM 1-3 are transmembrane domains.   We have been interested in this Cu+Continue reading “Ctr1”


Ceruloplasmin, the immune system Most of this document was written for an M.D. interested in giving the Mitosynergy product to his patients. This post is a compilation of our discussions.  Ceruloplasmin keeps copper and oxygen deep within its surface. Here we have an image of ceruloplasm crystallized with just Cu, oxygen, glycerol and N-acetylglucosamine. NoContinue reading “Ceruloplasmin”

Fatty Liver Disease

Please note in readying this report on Cu(I)NA2  and fatty liver disease, the authors did not compare Cu(I)NA2  with another dietary copper supplement such as cupric (+2) citrate.  Therefore the conclusions are not unique to Cu(I)NA2. Do not take anything in this post as medical advice. Feel free to discuss this post with your physician.Continue reading “Fatty Liver Disease”

minerals and bone health

The osteon is the basic unit of compact bone.   Mineral wheels, aka Mulder charts A Mulder’s chart, also known as a “mineral wheel” are often used in agriculture circles to describe mineral interactions.  Variations of this wheel are all over the Internet with no one (including us) citing the original origin.   Because these representationsContinue reading “minerals and bone health”

Niacin benefits infections

Our featured image is a reminder that the niacin receptor is a member of the G protein coupled receptor family.  These receptors talk to each other via α subunits. Niacin is the other two thirds of Cu(I)NA2., a cuprous niacin supplement available on the market.  Most healthcare providers are probably aware of niacin’s many functions.Continue reading “Niacin benefits infections”

SOD3 and Renin Angiotensin System

 Medical foods do not require a prescription and are not regulated as drugs.  They may provide nutrition when the patient is too incapacitated to get said nutrition from a normal diet.  In this case we have a sick guy who just doesn’t feel like eating copper rich foods like liver and kale.  In this postContinue reading “SOD3 and Renin Angiotensin System”