Long Covid

Even during the active pandemic, it seemed as if we were wandering around a forest of information regarding this virus, looking for a sign of what we could do to help. Now it seems things are maybe a tad clearer. Most of these posts are password protected because we do not want to get into trouble with FDA for making any disease related claims. The author of these posts there is scientific reason to think that cuprous nicotinic acid might be helpful in treating at least some of the symptoms of Long Covid, also know as Post-Acute Sequelae of SARS-CoV-2 infection (PASC).

Below is a slide show of images from our posts regarding Long Covid and how explored various aspects such as immune dysfunction, autoimmunity, and the autonomic nervous system.

This website started during the pandemic lock down. We started asking ourselves if cuprous nicotinic acid could do anything to help acute Covid 19 infections. It was noted that the neutrophil to lymphocyte ratio was elevated acute cases. CopperOne takes this ratio in the other direction according to our clinical trial. We also became interested in how the virus binds to the ACE2 receptor. There is a copper connection here. We sort of forgot about how niacin is also important to our immune system’s response to infections. We started thinking about reducing fevers, monitoring fevers, and how to be good citizen scientists. We thought of the role of copper and interleukins that produce fevers. By January of 2021 we were thinking less and less about copper and Covid. We were still thinking about how copper/vaccine synergism.

We saw the Long Covid/Copper link early on

In March of 2021 when postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS) was part of Long Covid, we were on it and saw a copper connection. By the end of March 2021 we were thinking of Long Covid treatments.

autoimmune aspects of Long Covid

By the end of April 2021 auto- antibodies were beginning to be associated with Long Covid. These include the NMDA receptor, ACE2, actin (particularly abundant in all forms of muscle), and many more. We gave some thoughts on the vascular inflammation associated with Long Covid.

The clinicaltrials.gov website was being searched for Long Covid clinical trials. We found one for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, NAD+.

and more immune dysfunction

We were still pretty proud of our clinical trial results showing hints of a decrease in the neutrophil to lymphocyte ratio. We were hearing announcements of Congressional allotment for Long Covid treatments. We had some scientists at the University of Arizona flow cytometry.

  • NLR and Long Covid was the first post to explore functional changes in the immune systems of Long Covid sufferers.
  • Long Covid and Immune Dysfunction described a flow cytometry human study looking for markers. Could we copy this strategy and prove that CopperOne is a good treatment for Long Covid?
  • PD-1 and Tim3 are two markers of exhausted T cells. Could they be the perfect biomarkers in a study testing the hypothesis that CopperOne prevents T cell exhaustion?
  • Mitochondria and T cell exhaustion describes the importance of oxidative phosphorylation versus glycolysis. This post also mentions NAD+, of interest to one of our colleagues.
  • Mitochondria in chronically stimulated T cells continues the discussion of NAD+ and copper to cytochrome C of mitochondria.

This is one of those things were were doing because we felt obligated to help the suffering. Perhaps the best strategy is for CopperOne to be part of a mixture of nutrients to address this issue of immune dys regulation.

Post treatment Lyme Disease, where our ♥ is

By the end of May 2021, we and the rest of the world were getting very sick of any and all things Covid. Neuro-PASC reviewed many of the neurological symptoms of Long Covid. These symptoms resembled Lyme Diesase. Much of our customer base was post treatment Lyme Disease (PTLD) patients. The PTLD post contains a table comparing Long Covid and PTLD. All this work we performed trying to understand a bloody virus could perhaps be transferred to something that has us enthusiastic. The following posts describe tests we could use in clinical trials.

  • ANS questionnaire If PTLD has autonomic nervous system symptoms, we will need a simple test to give the CRO making the clinical trial happen.
  • The SF-36 is a questionnaire that has been used for PTLD that could also work for Long Covid if we wanted to study both.

What the experts are saying

The CDC, Live Science, Cleveland Clinic, and Medical Express have similar, but not exactly the same, things to say about Long Covid. What gets us most excited is the autonomic nervous system aspects.

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