Cuprous niacin, the world’s first “proper copper”

Welcome to our site! This site is being created to educate the public as to the benefits of copper niacin in the cuprous, +1 oxidation state. 

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How weight lifting increases mitochondria

Uguccioni G, Hood DA. The importance of PGC-1α in contractile activity-induced mitochondrial adaptations. Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab. 2011 PMC free article Introduction skeletal muscle has the ability to adapt to changes in metabolic demands by production of more proteins. Chronic contractile activity (CCA) is one of those metabolic demands. CCA results in production ofContinue reading “How weight lifting increases mitochondria”

Covid and serum copper

Here is the latest on the subject: A Russian group found that increases in serum copper as well as Cu/Zn serum ratios correlated with covid-19 severity [1] A Chinese group looked at urinary trace element Levels in 210 urinary specimens from the 138 severe and non-severe patients with COVID-19. [2] The reference range for CuContinue reading “Covid and serum copper”

Covid Autoantibodies

The reports keep coming in. This update is all about muscle autoantibodies. A group out of the UK compared auto-antibodies from 84 Covid-19 patients with 32 individuals who had been in the intensive care unit for other reasons. The Covid-19 group was subdivided into 24 who had mild symptoms that did not require hospitalization, 25Continue reading “Covid Autoantibodies”

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