Cuprous niacin, the world’s first “proper copper”

Welcome to our site! This site is being created to educate the public as to the benefits of copper niacin in the cuprous, +1 oxidation state. 

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QC by color

Quality control (QC) by color? Isn’t that rather subjective? What if you are a male (or a rare female) with color blindness? We know that when Cu(I)NA2 oxidizes to Cu(II)NA2 the color appears turquoise. Why is that? The reason it appears to our eyes to be turquoise is because the material is absorbing in theContinue reading “QC by color”

monitoring fevers

Do temperatures associated with infections track diurnal variations of body temperatures?  A trip back to the 1800s Sometimes searching for images is a good way of finding things.   One such image search led us to an article in a journal called the History of Science[1]. The authors described a group of physicians turning theirContinue reading “monitoring fevers”

Copper Chaperones

Starting from Ctr1 Let us continue the journey from Ctr1 to some intracellular copper chaperones.  The cyoplasmic loops might have their own gating functions, as suggested by Ren (2019), see Ctr1 post Just looking at the sequences, there are a lot of arginines (R) and lysines (K) Fig 1C). Both of these are positively chargedContinue reading “Copper Chaperones”

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