Cuprous niacin, the world’s first “proper copper”

Welcome to our site! This site is being created to educate the public as to the benefits of copper niacin in the cuprous, +1 oxidation state. 

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The SF-36 in Lyme and Covid

The purpose of this post is to discuss a portion of a questionnaire that has been used to measure the impact of PTLD. For now it is not password protected because we are not making any drug, or any other claims, about CopperOne. If you are any patient suffering from a post infection syndrome, pleaseContinue reading “The SF-36 in Lyme and Covid”

ANS Questionnaires

This post is not intended to make any medical claims to treat Long Covid, Post Treatment Lyme Disease, or any other post infection chronic condition. In a previous post different tests were reviewed to The maker of CopperOne would like to conduct clinical trials so that such claims could legitimately be made. Questionnaires are great.Continue reading “ANS Questionnaires”

Copper and red light therapy

What is red light therapy? Why would you or your patient want to take a copper supplement if you are using red light therapy? This post is intended for physicians or for patients to share with their physicians. What is red light therapy according to Amazon.com? Red light therapy comes in two wavelengths of LEDContinue reading “Copper and red light therapy”

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