Cuprous niacin, the world’s first “proper copper”

Welcome to our site! This site is being created to educate the public as to the benefits of copper niacin in the cuprous, +1 oxidation state. 

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Covid Proteins and Mitochondria

Covid proteins and mitochondria complex 1? Browsing a January 2021 review on endothelial dysfunction and a potential role of chronic oxidative stress [1] that echoed much of what we’ve had to say about Cu/Zn turning on and off inflammasomes that produce IL1β. They discussed loss of Covid-19 receptor ACE2,more angiotensin II and more super oxideContinue reading “Covid Proteins and Mitochondria”

Niacin in the Covid news

This post reviews a few recent reports in the literature concerning niacin, the other two thirds of CopperOne, and Covid. Most of the latest are nice reviews and novel ideas. Then there is a review that forces us to say, “Wow! CopperOne may modulate our immune response to more infections than Covid-19. Some very niceContinue reading “Niacin in the Covid news”

Copper and Vaccine

The importance of Zn and Cu in this age of Covid has recently been reviewed. [1] Supplementation with Cu, Zn and other minerals has been recommended for nutrient deficient elderly patients receiving Covid vaccines. [2] Calder PC. (2020) Nutrition, immunity and COVID-19. BMJ Nutr Prev Health. 2020 May 20;3(1):74-92. doi: 10.1136/bmjnph-2020-000085. PMC free article Rayman,Continue reading “Copper and Vaccine”

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