Cuprous niacin, the world’s first “proper copper”

Welcome to our site! This site is being created to educate the public as to the benefits of copper niacin in the cuprous, +1 oxidation state. 

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Glutathione the Copper Chaperone

This post examines a report from the laboratory of Dr Christopher Fahrni at Georgia Tech University. What this group is saying is that the small molecule glutathione can chaperone intra cellular Cu+ to really low femptomole levels. [1] This is a glutathione molecule. The carboxy C-terminus (had end) is a glycine. A carboxy group isContinue reading “Glutathione the Copper Chaperone”

Copper, fructose, and NAFLD

Fructose is not metabolized like glucose. Its consumption has been linked to fatty liver disease. Adequate copper in the +2 oxidation state was not better than copper deficiency in rats on a high fructose diet.

How weight lifting increases mitochondria

Uguccioni G, Hood DA. The importance of PGC-1α in contractile activity-induced mitochondrial adaptations. Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab. 2011 PMC free article Introduction skeletal muscle has the ability to adapt to changes in metabolic demands by production of more proteins. Chronic contractile activity (CCA) is one of those metabolic demands. CCA results in production ofContinue reading “How weight lifting increases mitochondria”

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