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This post is not intended to make any medical claims to treat Long Covid, Post Treatment Lyme Disease, or any other post infection chronic condition. In a previous post different tests were reviewed to The maker of CopperOne would like to conduct clinical trials so that such claims could legitimately be made. Questionnaires are great. They minimize the use of needles for blood draws. Redman and coworkers administered many neurological questionnaires. [1] This test was published in a journal that seems to have died out.

The trouble with our last clinical trial is that the participants may have gotten bored answering the two questionnaires and and might have checked boxes without thinking. This gem published back in 1977 seems to be more interesting and to the point. The literature on Covid-19 and the autonomic nervous system is impressive. Dividing symptoms between sympathetic and parasympathetic branches is less common. We have covered how Long Covid symptoms are extremely similar to post treatment Lyme Disease (PTLD).

As a Long Covid or PTLD patient, do you see yourself in these questions? Does the switch from the cholinergic to the adrenergic questions force you to pay attention?

symptom15 points10 points5 points0 points
symptomvery frequentlyoftensometimesrare or never
urge to frequent urination    
one or more muscle feel weak    
sleeping more than usual    
flushing of the face    
waterish mouth    
excessive appetite    
feel sexually aroused    
have difficulty breathing    
dry palms    
 Begin Cholinergic    
one or more muscles feel tense    
sleeping less than usual    
palor of face    
cold feet    
wet hands    
we armpits    
heart palpitations    
dry mouth    
goose pimples    
butterflies in stomach    
poor appetite    
From reference [2] Frequency of the symptoms were given the following values: very often —15; often —10; sometimes—5; and rare or never—0.

If you already are a CopperOne customer, did the answers to any of these questions change when you started?


  1. Rebman AW, Bechtold KT, Yang T, et al. . The clinical, symptom, and quality-of-life characterization of a well-defined group of patients with posttreatment Lyme disease syndrome. Front. Med. 2017;4:224 10.3389/fmed.2017.00224 [PMC free article]
  2. Neziroglul F and Yaryura-Tobias J A (1977) Development of an Autonomic Nervous System Questionnaire: Diagnostic Aid in Measurement ofAnxiety, Depression, and Aggression. Orthomolecular Psychiatry vol 6, no 3, 1977, Pp. 265-271 free article

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